Airless Spraying
Looking to breathe some new life into a beloved piece of furniture? Maybe you've seen the perfect table for your lounge but the colour doesn't quite match... Airless paint spraying is a fantastic, cost-effective way of refinishing furniture in a high quality, zero mess colour of your choice. Check out a few examples below of all sorts of examples that have had the airless spray treatment and see how we can help you with your rennovation plans...
Office Cabinet Before and After
As well as office furniture and tables, non-UPVC and wooden doors can also be sprayed, providing a high quality and consistent finish in a huge variety of colours. As you can see from our video, this is a very efficient job, leaving behind no unsightly mess and defects in the coats of paint....
Kitchen Cabinet Refesh - Before & After
One of our most popular options is kitchen cabinet renovations. It's a very affordable and speedy way of giving your kitchen a new look without having to splurge on new kitchen drawers and cabinets. With such a large range of colour options, you can opt for modern, neutral tones to give your kitchen a contemporary look or go for warmer pastel tones for that rustic appeal.
See below for an example before and after kitchen refresh done with our airless spraying system. If you'd to learn more about this service or any other services we offer, please get in touch and we can start your home renovation journey together! Get in touch today!
Airless Spraying vs. Rollers and brushes
How annoying are roller and brush marks in new plaster? No matter how good your decorating skills are you’ll never achieve a flawless finish to match airless spraying. Particularly on a warm day when each brush stroke it drying as quick as you apply the next brush full. No banding, picture framing or flashing and perfect cutting in. Why wouldn’t you?

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